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Default Re: Injury/Training update

Originally Posted by Rob3 View Post

This is insane. I thought I was pushing my body but your a different beast all together. Please dont tell me your capable of a 17 mins 3 miles by yourself. I need the nerves of a race to push out that sort of time. I'm sure you dont need me to tell you about overtraining but beware of it, reckon I gave myself a cold for a week, just pushed myself to much for a few more days than I should of. No doubt your body is better used to it though.
Sorry mate, but i almost always run alone or just with my brother. i don't really do much racing etc, as i run purely for fitness and only time myself out of curiosity. plus i'm looking into re-enlisting in the forces and the recruiter told me i need to be running 3 miles in 22 mins so i took it as a bit of a challenge

No worries for over-training neither, i tend to have easy (ish) days and hard days and make sure i get 1 or 2 rest days per week too (although, i'll still do something, whether its just walking the dog or going out on the bike or for a swim, and i do press ups, pull ups etc everyday). i don't want to sound arrogant here but i know my body, and it is used to it yeah. ive pushed myself like this for years, and i tend to mix my training up a fair bit too, but i'm no superman, and like i say, i know when my body needs rest so take a day or 2 off now when needed. a few months ago i was injured and couldn't train for about 5 weeks, drove me crazy!
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