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Default Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Apologies to MikeBrown for virtually plagarising his Foreman/Frazier thread This is another hypothetical fight where Joe would start as an underdog. We're talking the 1971 Joe Frazier v the 1988 Mike Tyson. Imo,although the odds would be stacked against Joe,it would n't be as cut and dried as it would against Foreman. I first present the case against Frazier beating Tyson. Joe was always a slow starter,and would soak up a lot of punches early on. This could spell disaster against an explosive starter like Tyson. It's quite feasible that Mike could unleash as much punishment on him as Foreman did,prompting the referee to save Frazier as early as the third or fourth round. Now the case for Joe beating Tyson. Tyson,although as explosive as Foreman,did n't have George's height and reach advantages over Frazier,so would have to come closer into Joe,thus putting him in range to take some punches in return. Supposing Tyson took enough punches from a hurt Frazier,to make him hesitate a little,letting Frazier come into the fight. It would then turn into a war of attrition. If that scenario occured,I could see Smokin'Joe stopping a discouraged Tyson in the latter stages of the fight.
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