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Default Re: Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Originally Posted by lefthook31 View Post
How can you use the Tyson that fought Lewis as an example? Do you think Lewis would have hit Tyson that cleanly in 88?

Please try and follow the thread

1 - My opinion is that Tyson could be timed, yes in his prime. Yes, this opinion has been expressed earlier in the thread.

2 - I didn't raise the issue of Lewis-Tyson. It was raised by another poster in regards to Tyson's punch resistance. My reply was as narrow as this point, I was at no time trying to match Prime Frazier with Lewis Tyson.

3 - There are absolutely things to be learned about fighters post-prime, in the case of the truly great ones, like Ali, sometimes there is more to be learned about them when they lose the edge from their core skills.
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