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Default Re: Top five of the last forty years ?

Originally Posted by Street Lethal
No offense, Robbi, but those aren't hard facts. You just throwing out names. Yes, Leonard beat Benitez. We will give him that one. But he lost to Duran big time. The rematch was a bust. The rubbermatch was ****. He was getting completely outboxed by Hearns. Leonard lucked out when Hearns ran out of gas. The rematch? Hearns was robbed. He lost to Hagler, even though Hagler was used up by that point. Hagler was robbed. In between, he had trouble with fighters he shouldn't have. Then there's Norris. So when you look at the actual circumstances, the hard facts tell us something quite different from what you want to believe.
Those are hard facts, but facts you don't like. You then give your OPINION on the outcome of those fights.

What I mean by facts, he TKO'd Benitez and Hearns late, won a rematch against Duran, and was awarded a close decision against Hagler. Those are FACTS.
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