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Default Re: Say Paul Smith wins the Contender What chance do you give him Vs Pavlik?

Originally Posted by lsg
Jeff, I'm not saying he'd win right now but trust me, Paul Smith at 11st 6lbs would put over pretty much anybody he hits clean on the chin. Time is on his side Jeff and I don't think jumping up that far straight away will be the way he goes about it. Still , if the phone rings and there is $1m on the other end, who would turn that down ?????

Did you notice when they were doing those tests that Paul was the hardest puncher? Don't forget Paul is a middleweight competing in a super middleweight tournament out there and he banged harder than any of them.

Trust me on the power thing, he can really whack
they did this on joe frazier and julian jackson and niether had the statistical power to ko anyone...yet they did.

i personally think he can do alot of damge at middlewieght but he is only a prospect and to win the contender then some intercontinental belts then i will believ e that he can ko him.
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