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Default Re: Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
"Anyone is a slow starter ,compared to Ali" .When I first saw this statement ,I thought it was a mis print.
Ali scored two 1 round kos he was NOT a fast starter at all.
The Ali who fought Bonavena had 18 rounds of boxing in 4 years under his belt,how about you pick a prime Ali?
Ali was 29 when he came back from exile the same age as Frazier when he fought Foreman.
Tyson would maim Bonavena,he is superior in EVERY department.
Bonavena was dropped by moderate punchers like Ali,Folley and Ellis,Tyson would stiffen him like a board.
Frazier is TOTALLY unproven against big punchers,the ONLTY one he met used him as a yo yo.
Tyson met many big punchers some of whom his considerably harder than Frazier.
Tyson was faster,stronger,more durable,less apt to facial swelling ,had better power ,had two handed power,fought MANY big men who possesed power and stopped them Frazier did NOT.
If you think Frazier was hard to hit you should have a look at the post fight pics of his Ali fights ,he looks like he has stuck his head into a bees nest.
Ali is on record as stating Frazier was elatively easy to hit.
You are a big Frazier fan ,and thats fine, but it has coloured your objectivity.
There is no way that Tyson is more durable than Frazier. Tyson never went 15 rounds if I'm not mistaken and has nowhere near the stamina as Joe. As much as many think Tyson was a fast fighter, his pressure is nowhere near as quick attacking the oppoent as Frazier was. Tyson kept his hands high in very good guard position, but he never moved his head a frequently as Frazier to attack the opponent and make the opponent miss.

I will agree with you such that Frazier could be hit because he ate lots of jabs and some right hands in order to get inside and work the body. Yeah, Ali wasn't near his prime speed of his first title reign, but I'll conceed that Ali was a different fighter, tougher and stronger after his exile.

Yes McGrain, I am a Frazier fan, but most on this forum including yourself base most of your conclusions about Frazier losing to the majority of big punchers from the result of one fight, George Foreman 1973 which is wrong.
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