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Default Re: Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Originally Posted by round15 View Post
Sorry mate, you probably are a little more versed about Joe than I am, but I base my conclusions on what I've seen fight wise, who I talked to as fighters and what they have said about each other in interviews. How does this make you more versed about Frazier than myself or anyone else on this forum?

Who's the better fighter, you McGrain or you McVey, no disrespect to either of you, honest mistakes do happen in mid-thought.
Im just telling you where my conclusions are drawn from,so you won't assume again, my opinion is based solely on Fraziers blow out by Foreman.
I don't consider myself superior to anyone on here [well maybe one].
McGrain is a fine poster I have no problem with you mixing us up, he might be a bit miffed however.
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