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Default Re: Injury/Training update

Originally Posted by sam1222 View Post
Cheers mate

Yeah i know what you mean, that's the only thing i like about enforced rest, (the injury a few months back for example) the enjoyment and satisfaction of getting back to full/peak fitness again. the human body is the best workout machine there is, its amazing what you can put it through. I read somewhere though that you have 10 days or so before fitness levels start to drop, so you should be ok. obviously the fitter you are the faster you regain fitness

And yeah, i reckon i won't have any problems. i wanted to re-enlist in the RAF as a driver so i can get a trade for when i come back to civvy street, but ive been waiting 3 months already for the driver jobs to re-open so i figure **** it, i'll go for RAF regiment. (my 2nd choice) that's what they have been trying to steer me towards anyway due to my previous army service, so why not. there's no work about out here.

Yeah go for it mate, the best thing about these routines is that the results come quick. pull ups, press ups, dips, sit ups, burpees and squats form the core of my workouts, on top of whatever else i'm doing, be it weights, running, cycling or whatever. i absolutely swear by them.

RAF Reg is more ''rock n' roll'' than just being a driver. But, I'm young and stupid, so what do I know. I thought of joining the French Foreign Legion not too long ago.

Have you phoned your recruiter and hassled him? We both know that nothing gets done in the British Military without constantly chasing up people or constantly making your voice heard. Keep bugging the RAF to get you that drivers position. Even if they say no, keep pressuring them til you get what you want.

Good luck mate. Hope it all works out for you
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