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Default Re: Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Originally Posted by Bummy Davis View Post
I am not saying Joe would win but if he let Tyson feel his power it may make him reluctant...What happens if Joe hurts Mike early, what would Mike do? The tide could change...I never thought Holyfield had a shot vs Mike, especially after watching him against Bobby Cyz in the fight before. It was not until the day of the fight and Evanders confidence that I said "I wonder"...This guy has faith that he will win". I wont count Joe out.
Holyfield had a better chin than Frazier and was able to match Tyson physically .I dont think Frazier could take Tyson's power for more than half a fight and I think Tyson is stronger hit harder ,was more durable ,and had better two fisted power ,and hand speed,That forces me to conclude that Tyson stops him.Frazier's undoubted heart and stamina would not be a factor because he would be stopped before they could be utilised.imo.Tyson took shots from bigger punchers than Frazier and still kept coming .Frazier was not really a one punch banger ,two lefts from him had no visible effect on Foreman,and he needed a ton of them to stop Mathis and others.Contrast that with Tysons one punch blow out of Tubbs.
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