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Default Re: Could a prime Frazier defeat a prime Tyson ?

Originally Posted by zadfrak View Post
Gee===that's something you don't see very often; someone using a 1989 version of Tubbs as a reference. Perhaps the most important aspect of that fight was Don King offering another $50k for Tubbs to show up in shape. That's an excellent reference for all the out of shape guys to get some additional purse money.

Regarding the original post, anyone can be beaten on a given night, let alone against a terrific fighter. All a guy has to do is show up with his B game and all fighters do. And Tyson with his B game is a beatable fighter. So is Frazier.
Gee! Fancy attempting to correct my post and getting the year of the fight wrong?
The Tubbs Tyson fight was the 21st of March 1988.
Now ,to address your point ,if you have one.
I used the ****ogy between Tyson and Tubbs ,and Frazier and Mathis to illustrate the difference in one shot power between them.

Mathis, when he fought Frazier was unbeaten he had fought NOBODY,was not ranked and had no business fighting for any version of a title.
It took Frazier 11 rds of constant bombardment to wear Buster down enough to get the stoppage.

Tubbs when he fought Tyson was a ranked contender he had ,had 25 fights losing only one a split dec to another contender Tim Witherspoon.,among his wins were victories over contenders ,like.
Bonecrusher Smith,who held a version of the title at one stage.
Greg Page , ditto
Jimmy Young a long time contender.
Tubbs ,was kod with one shot,in a two round blow out,that lifted him off his feet and deposited him sideways.
Tubbs went another four years being stopped again and as late as 93 was still good enough to go the distance with Champion in waiting Rid**** Bowe ,in fact many thought he won that fight
.Tubbs was still beating fringe contenders five years after Tyson destroyed him.
My summary is this ,that Tyson had the following advantages over Frazier.

Faster hands.
Quicker at closing the distance
More power
Two fisted power
Better chin [tried and tested]
Much more versatile with his punch choices and placement.

This means to me Tyson wins it and by stoppage.

I dont like Tyson as a man ,I think he is a **** ,just for the record.

By the way the Japanese put the cash incentive up for Tubbs, not King

This thread is not about fighters showing up with" their B games", it's about matching two men up in their prime.

Gee? Do people still say that in the States?

Gee Whitakers, thats an old Pat Boone song.
Are you a fan of the Walton's?
Only joking
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