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Default I am a fat piece of ****.

Me circa 2005 - 179cm, 77kg

Me today - 179cm (No surprises there...), 109kg

Relationships, alcohol and junk food have turned me into a fat, lazy ******* with precious little to offer society. And so I've had enough of flirting with obesity. Over the next 3 months or so I plan on enduring a different kind of physical abuse. Eventually I plan to spar with something other than alcoholism, but my short term goal is rapid weight loss. My training routines will primarily involve extended cardio before breakfast, I'll also be updating my daily food diary in here. Any input at all will be appreciated, whether it's helpful advice or you wanna ridicule me for being a fat, weak willed **** (The latter will probably help just as much.). I'll be making my first entry tomorrow following my early workout. Peace out, and thanks for your time.

EDIT: I'm altering my goal weight to a more civilized 85kgs. So far so good!

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