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Default Re: This was such a great post.......

Originally Posted by oztriker
errr........I know that you are a pretty clever cookie
why thank you. it's good to see my years at harvard weren't a complete waste of time.

Originally Posted by oztriker
( tell us often enough)
do i? no way!

p.s. you missed a g from that clever cookie line. oh.. and an e... and an n too... jeez... you left out an i and a u as well. ooooooohhh... and an s. there should definitely be an s in there...

Originally Posted by oztriker
so don't play "pedantics" with me Scatter.

You know exactly what I meant by "NO OTHER OPTIONS"

You are well aware of the ramifications of him refusing to take those 3 fights.

He would have been dropped to below 5 on the rankings and if he again refused he would be eliminated from the WBA rankings entirely.........In either case.......Hardly the wisest of career moves.....
actually, i wasn't playing pedant at all. what you say is all well and good supposing the alphabets play by their own rules, but you know that isn't always the case. you also ignore the fact that the alphabets aren't exactly media spinners - unlike fighters and their managers. we've just seen ricky hatton relinquish a belt in order to duck one fight and take another more lucrative option. if mundine really wanted to duck anyone on your list, he could and would have done exactly the same thing - changed target to the wbogus, or the wbc or whatever.

in fact, it still amazes me to this day that he didn't throw a fat wad of cash at markus beyer and go for the wbc as soon as beyer beat green (first or second time, take your pick).

Originally Posted by oztriker
And in the case of Siaca........He would have been stripped of his Title and removed from the WBA Rankings, for refusing to comply with his "Mandatory" defence.
i have absolutely no qualms with that point at all. but i will add that i think mundine thought he would deal with siaca quite easily. he WAS given an out for that fight - the whole siaca vs don king **** - but opted not to take it. he was then given a second out for that fight when he injured himself on national tele, and again opted not to take it. not exactly the actions of a man genuinely afraid of his oppponent...

Originally Posted by oztriker
I expect this **** from the semi literate nuthuggers who are incapable of rational thought .....but not you.
and as i have said often enough in the past - mundine has done enough in his short career to warrant genuine criticism without having to resort to making **** up.

although i suspect you enjoy doing so as you tend to get better bites that way.

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