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Default Boxers and urine

Okay, this thread has NOTHING to do with Juan Manuel Marquez, so let's get past that straight away.

There's a couple things that have always nagged at me but never seemed worthy of bothering to make a thread inquiring about. It occurs to me now that there may actually be a connection.

What happens when boxers need to pee during a match? Obviously there are no "time-outs" - certainly not in professional bouts and I'd imagine amateurs are the same. You have the one-minute rest period between rounds and clearly that's not enough, I don't care how fast you are, to run to john, TCOB, wash your hands () and climb back through the ropes in time for the bell.

I'd imagine this has to come up with some frequency. A 12 round fight lasts nearly an hour - more than one, if you count the pre and post pageantry. I have an abnormally high metabolism, always have - and make a concerted effort to drink water nonstop throughout the day. My needing to go on more or less an hourly basis may be a little more aggressive than the next Tom **** or Harry, but still...the law of averages states that boxers will need to pee during a fight.


There's a ritual dehydration involved beforehand. Now, obviously in the pro game this takes place the day before, for weigh-in purposes. My understanding is that fighters then "re-hydrate" to a proper fighting weight. This is the second thing I've never been quite clear on. As stated, I drink a lot of water. More than the recommended intake of 2 quarts, 1.8 liters per day. I still don't see how a human being can add upwards of 20 pounds by drinking water - nor shedding this much weight by "dehydrating" using any method I know of (sweating, inducing urination, uh...crying?). Yet these amounts are not atypical fluctuations between weigh-in and fight night. How is this possible?

To bring it back around to my original point, if you're gaining weight by way of fluid intake, I don't care how slow your metabolism is, you're going to need to expel with frequency for the rest of that day. How is it that boxers aren't just constantly ****ing down their trunks and slipping across the ring? Unless they dehydrate as much as possible to avoid having this embarrassing and inconvenient bodily function rear its head. That then would defeat the purpose of having rehydrated, would it not?

If prizefighters are just disciplined to merely "hold it in" (this is EXTREMELY unhealthy and ill-advised), doesn't that make you more susceptible to body blows? If I ignore the call of nature for more than ten minutes the cramps are nearly crippling, and if I so much as bump into the corner of a desk it's agony.

Maybe there are really simple elementary answers but please if possible, indulge my ignorance and educate me.
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