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Default Re: I am a fat piece of ****.

Originally Posted by Mr. V.I.P. View Post
Good luck. Never ever give up.
Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
You've made a start now my friend, can't fail now.

Stick around and we'll make sure you get over the finish line.
Many thanks, gents! Unfortunately society is filled with too many ****ing enablers so I'm coming here for the tough love I need to keep in check. Watch out, mother****ers. I'm determined!

Woke up a 10am (Hardly early) and started my day with 100mg of caffeine, then off to the gym... Set myself what I will consider to be my absolute bare minimum over the next few weeks (Will increase it as my fitness improves) and concentrated on completing that for now.

* 5 x 3 minute rounds of speed rope
I'm always honest with the rope. I strive to jump at a rate brisk enough keep me constantly challenged. I also vary my cadence well between jumping, shuffling, side to sides, double unders, you name it.

* 5 x 3 minute rounds of the heavy bag
****ing disgusted with myself. My punches have lost the kinetic SNAP they had when I was in shape. It's like I'm trying to crack a whip with a pillow of lard tied to the middle and it's absorbing half the force. I feel like a drunk bear clumsily trying to maul a ****ing tree.

* 30 mins on treadmill
Started at a pace of 10kph on a 1.5 incline. I've allowed myself 2 breaks of 2:30 during the run. These are taken at half pace for a total of 25 minutes run, 5 mins walk. This is far from what any halfway fit person would consider a challenging run but I know what it is to dig... Unfortunately my shovel just isn't big enough yet.

I left maximum 5 mins rest between activities so I've basically packed this workout into just under 90 mins. ****ing hell it was brutal. I'll be concentrating on improving the quality of my heavy bag workout before I start trying to add crazy **** in.

Hooked into a smoothie when I got home, 250ml low fat milk, a handful of frozen berries and a scoop of low-carb protein. Never tried that **** before. My house mate recommended it.

Weight before workout - 109.2 kgs
Weight after workout - 108.6 kgs

Yeah I know it's mostly gonna be fluids and is likely to fluctuate. This is just how I like to check weight. I'll be Updating my food **** soon.
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