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Default Re: I am a fat piece of ****.

Originally Posted by thejokerswild View Post
Your fitness isn't bad for a 'fat piece of ****'
Thanks, man. The truth is I didn't stack on that 32 kilos (Or 70 lbs for imperial folk) because I hate to exercise... Quite the opposite! My problem has always been that I'm a ****ty eater, and while I've had the occasional 'fitness kick' over the years I've never really had positive results because I pile in on either ****ty food, tremendous amounts of reasonable food (Sushi, etc) or tremendous amounts of ****ty food.

This time I'm having a genuine crack at frequent, goal oriented exercise coupled with an aggressive diet. As soon as I can find a good calorie counting website (And if I can be ****d) I'll try and keep a food log here, too...
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