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Default Re: Boxers and urine

Originally Posted by lonewolf210 View Post
I have a pretty high metabolism as well and don't drink nearly that much water. It was just a thought that maybe your body isn't processing it right and thats way you have to drink so much. Your obviously not drinking enough water to do this, but it is in fact possible to drink so much water that it poisons your body and kills you.
Never heard of that, wow. Do you know what amount that would be? More than someone could drink in one sitting, certainly...(have definitely chugged a gallon bottle... )

Come to think of it, when I was frequenting the boxing gym the need to go never became overwhelming...of course, I went before even putting on my wraps and usually only did an hour to ninety minutes. Might have held it in a little some times as well. This practice has been drilled into my head by everyone including my grandmother (who's an RN) from childhood as extremely dangerous and damaging to your organs, though. While sweating and the pre-fight nerves elimination amy mentioned might take care of it mostly, it's statistically certainty that some boxers occasionally are going to get the urge in the middle of a match. They would literally have to hold it in - even for several rounds - or risk losing by forfeit. Kind of a lose-lose scenario, even if they somehow manage to grind out a win through the discomfort...
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