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Default Re: Injury/Training update

Friday 23rd.

3 Mile spartan run. 50 burpee press up/pull ups and ****ed about on the monkey bars, chin ups, dips, hand over hand stuff etc.

Circuit training and PT pyramids.
6 x 3s heavy bag
5 x 3s pads
3 x 3s skipping
Hill sprints x 15. (this made me throw up)

Saturday 24th. morning.
5 mile run (steady) followed by 45 min circuit training

Weights (pyramids in weight up to failure, sets of 10 until forced to drop reps to 5s)
Bench: upto 85kg then 5 sets of 5
Incline bench: upto 70kg then 5 x 5s
Incline DB press: upto 25kg DBs then 5 x 5s
Concentration curls: upto 20kg DBs then 5 x 5s
Skull crushers: upto 35kg then 5 x 5s (unimpressed with this but felt i was gonna tear my triceps)
DB Rows: upto 40kg DBs then 5 x 5s (****ed at this point)
Tabata Doubles: repeated all the above twice at much lighter weight, 8 mins each.
Pull up/push workout. (this was a killer to get through as i felt i had nothing left)
2 mile jog home.
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