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Default Re: What was so bad with Dempsey vs Gibbons?

Originally Posted by dmt
Please answer

Let's ****yze:

Dempsey was 28 years old when he met Gibbons, still close to his physical prime but also a little on the slide having gone into a two year layoff, not quiet as sharp as he had been 4 years ago. Yet Dempsey won 12 or 13 rounds against Gibbons, not managing aknocout. So
Just because he was a ko artist does not mean he has to blow away everyone infront of him. People say “he struggled,” “Gibbons made him look bad”. Utter rubbish. When u win nearly all of the rounds then it’s hardly struggling.

Jim Jeffries, at 220 pounds, had a 50 pound weight advantage on an over the hill middle Choynski and fought to a draw
Jack Johnson fought a nd vs O’Brien as champion, a newspaper draw vs over the hill middleweight and some actually thought O’Brien won. Although he clearly beat Sam Lanford, despite a 30lb advantage Sam lasted the distance vs him.
Gene Tunney failed to ko middleweight Harry Greb in all of their meetings, even when Tunney weighed over 185 lb.
Joe Louis was behind on points vs 174lb Billy Conn after 12 rounds. Sure Louis won by ko but atleast Dempsey was never behind vs Gibbons.
Rocky Marciano failed to ko Ezzard Charles in their first meeting whereas Ezzard, as great as he was, had suffered a ko defeat by Walcott at heavy and was coming of a loss to Valdez. The Charles-Marciano fight went the distance and it was actually a close fight!
Muhammad Ali, at over 210lb from memory, went the distance with, and had a close fight with cruiser Doug Jones who he enjoyed a 20 or so lb advantage over.
Marvin Hagler went the distance with former lightweight Duran, failing to win by ko and it was a close fight. I don’t care if you think Duran is a top 5 fighter of all time, he is not an atg middleweight, and was over 24lb ablove his natural weight and was competitive

So before u blame Dempsey for his fight v s Gibbons please look at all these other examples. Regards, dmt
You are on to something, and even today, How overweight is 39 year old 5"9 James Toney at 239 lbs, yet he stop Evander,and Gave Heavyweight Peter 2 good close fights(I thought he won the 1st one) a lot of times its how good the smaller guy is but also how he uses his Disadvantage? which could sometimes be an advantage
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