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Default Re: blood thinners and omega 3 fish oil

Originally Posted by ****neyhardman View Post
i've heard about a certain drug that thins the blood (can't remember the name) is banned in most sports certainly at a high level cos they can enhance performance
anyone know if thinning the blood has this effect?
apparently a lot of omega 3 will do this too because of it's thinning effect it's well known that it speeds up messages in brain cells
Warfarin is the main blood thinner/ anti coagulant drug used with patients who usually have suffered a stroke. It has to be very closely monitored and regular blood tests need to be had in order to keep the levels right. Very dangerous so anyone using this illegally for any reason needs to stop! And book in for a mental health review.....cos you crazzzyy

Aspirin i think has a similar effect but far less potent

Im no expert by any means just bits iv picked up in my job
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