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Default Re: blood thinners and omega 3 fish oil

My mother is on warfarin, its a strong blood thinner for people with blood clots. She also takes fish oil... I am thinking she talked it over with her doctor.

It is pretty serious medication and she has to get blood tested almost every week or two in order to adjust the dose just right so its not too thick or too thin. She was told to avoid too much vitamin K which thins blood and would mess up the test results.

I am not sure if my dad is on blood thinners. He is told to take a 300mg aspirin and omega 3 everyday, I know atleast that much.

So I dont imagine that omega 3 would thin the blood nearly as much as warfarin. My mom was told to stop taking 80mg baby aspirin because the doctor said that aint going to really do much of anything in terms of thinning the blood.

I cant imagine anyone taking warafarin for performance enhancement, I dont know how it would benefit but certainly its a powerful drug and you could have issues with internal bleeding or some **** if you take too much.
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