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Default Re: I am a fat piece of ****.


Weight before workout - 108.2kgs

* Speed rope - 4 x 3 minute rounds
Got cut short because the gym was so friggin' busy today...

* Treadmill - 30 minutes
Pace 10km/h, incline 1.5, 2 half paced breaks of 2:30. Finished it pretty comfortably. After a fortnight I'll knock it up a notch.

* Heavy bag - 5 x 3 minute rounds.
Grueling. Caught myself getting sloppy several times through the process. ****ty bag session. Also have a pinch in my bicep from throwing the straight left.

* Speed bag - 5 mins cooldown.
Pretty happy with my speed bag work. Mostly done at a moderate pace, but sped it up a few times. Startin to regain my relaxed cadence, transitions are getting better.

Weight after workout - 108.1kgs

My eating so far today has been reasonable. Frozen berry shake for breakfast with 2% milk and a scoop of protein. Ate a frozen meal for lunch, and hammered a subway sandwich probably a little too early to count as dinner. One of those healthy ones, but I got cheese and fatty sauce. I did have to do a ******* **** of a three hour walk today, so I think that can afford me a few extra calories.
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