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Default Re: Who has best chance of beating prime Larry Holmes

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
David Tua (Holmes doesn't get up from this)
Mike Tyson
Vitali Klitschko
Wladimir Klitschko
Chris Byrd
Orlin Norris (not a favorite , but does have chance)
Lennox Lewis
James Toney
Roy Jones (maybe)
Jameel McCline (in his prime he was more than just good , had a serious series of wins then)
Ibeabuchi (just worth mentioning , i really don't know if he could win this)
Holyfield (prime)
Ali (i believe it should be an even close fight - like so many times with ali , too many times)

i see holmes as a better version of ken norton , something like ali.
they had similar styles didn't they ?
Interesting viewpoint. I would n't give half those guys a chance. Still,this is the beauty of debate. No,Holmes and Norton were polls apart,stylistically.
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