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Default Spoiler: Mundine v Nievas

Mundine gets brought in on a throne after some rap show preceded his entrance. Nievas has been waiting a while and has the eye of the tiger!

1. Mundine just way too quick, Nievas looks puzzled. I'll say it now Nievas will need a big haymaker to win.

2. Mundine doing what he wants. Nievas can't touch him, this won't last 6.

3. Nievas catching Mundine's jab with his nose. Mundine scores a knockdown but it was really a slip.

4. Mundine just toying with him landing everything he wants to. Doesn't even look like he's trying.

5. Mundine taunts then gets caught. Nievas presses and is throwing everything. Mundine coomes back. Nievas does enough for the round.

6. Nievas looks spent after the last round, Mundine just busting him up. Mundine nails him with a few seconds to go and has him reeling but the bell saves him.

7. Mundine just continues to land at will. Nievas is tough but Mundine looks like he doesn't want to finish him.

8. Mundine toying with him, I feel sorry for this kid.

9. Mundine easy

10. Mundine just lets him tire himself out then unleashes.

11. Mundine but closer, Nievas won't give up.

12. Nievas throws everything at him but Mundine is just too slick and evades everything. Nievas round but Mundine just schooled him in a very impressive performance.

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