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Default Re: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

Finished watching his fight against Martirosyan. I was impressed. Overall he schooled him and got the stoppage, can't ask for more.

A few small points however...

He might want to be careful with the way he pulls back with his hands down after landing his shots. I know its a natural style for him, but the Armenian landed at least one hard right hand and several others narrowly missed. You just have to be careful, against a better fighter it could be a costly flaw.

On a similar vein he also tends to jump in and go straight to the body without setting the shot up with even a jab. That's okay here because he had such a speed advantage and the Armenian couldn't set his feet to counter him but he gets quite square on and open. That means his balance is not perfect and he could get knocked down if not hurt.

There also seemed to be a period where he hit a lull, the he let the other guy get close to him in rounds 6, 7 and 8. Martirosyan wasn't that effective but I sensed he grew in confidence a little as N'dam took his foot off the pedal. Needs to keep focused for every round, its easy to let your standards slip against a less skilled foe.

Could have also taken advantage of the first knockdown a little better, he got wild and carried away. If he just fought like he had been he could have scored the KO there and then.

These are very minor critiques overall, I praise his jab which was very sharp and effective, his output is extremely good in quality and volume. Jab/right hand/body work/uppercut and his real power punch seems to be the left hook which is a beauty. He's also unpredictable, he can lead with any of these punches. His stamina seemed to never end. And really for me his defining quality is how light he is on his feet. He moves exceptionally well, he's a great athlete no doubt.
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