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Default Re: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

Originally Posted by cubex View Post
After watching tape on him I must say he impressed me a lot and became my favorite between the MW prospects.
He has it all,speed(in hands,feet and body movement),power,natural ability,athleticism,great reflexes and is very entertaining.
I like that he is a offensive fighter but can also box on the backfot if needed.His left hook is a thing of beauty,the way he finished Martirosyan with it and especially Guarras reminded me of Mosley-Vargas II.
What I don't like is that he seems to lunge in alot and admire his work often times going in and straight out with his hands down and getting caught.His defensesive maneuvres thrive on his reflexes a lot.He seemes to have some defensive liabilities.
His finishing skills might also be in question since he had Guarras hurt badly in the ifrst and also Martirosyan in the 4th and didn't finsh either.
Also his chin must be checked,he was stunned in the 3rd by Guarras.
Overall he is a very fan friendly fghter and a deinite guy t owatch at MW,just based on style nad explosivness I think he would give Golovkin at least a fight since the Kazakh has nevr encountered adversity even though he foguht better opposition.
Must get a elite promoter,staying in France won't help conquering the MW division.
Agree with all that.
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