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Default Re: Hassan N'Dam N'Jikam

Originally Posted by cubex View Post
Also the guy has charisma.

I mean the whole dance in the Martirosyan walk in on Thriller was funny and intersting.

The Grand Tournoi final ring entrance with him and Belghacham on that truck was cool also.
He has a ****yness you kinda like.You could see his antics got to Affif Belghecham when he pushed him at the end of a round.
Yeah, and he knows how to keep the crowd in it, even in a mismatch. He'll be tying a guy up in knots while circling and potshotting, then take those risks by falling in and popping a Pretty Boy style shoulder roll before (and after) taking his own shots.

Also, unearthed an interesting factoid: 77-4-3 amateur record (over 90% win rate, about level with Vernon Forrest's for perspective...) and had wins over Andy Lee (decision) and Juan Ubaldo (1st round stoppage). Ubaldo is undefeated but hasn't stepped up as a pro...prior to the loss to Hassan, though, he widely outpointed Jean Pascal.
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