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Default Re: Say Paul Smith wins the Contender What chance do you give him Vs Pavlik?

Originally Posted by jaycaz
because he's not ready mate thats why, as I've said before, with the right management Paul Smith could get to the top, and the right management would insist on a good few more fights before a world title shot, PLUS Smith has always said he wants to win The British Championship & defend it 3 times to win it outright 'the proper way' as he put it, so he seems to have his head screwed on.

by the way, calling Pavlik a 'very average' boxer is way off the mark, he's much better than that.

Give Paul some time eh, he'd be the first to admit he's not world championship class yet.
I'm not saying its the ideal career path for him but it could in thoery happen. Contender winners become household names and sell PPV buys in america which is all the TV companies think about. Its not like pairing Kevin Mitchell with Manny Pacquiao and for me Pavlik is an average boxer- extremely brave and likable but skill wise he's limited. It doesn't mean i'm saying he's garbage because his power, size and toughness are big assets but he's going to find himself outboxed in most of his fights against the best fighters in the division.
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