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Default Re: The case for Lennox Lewis being GOAT

I understand your basic reasoning, but I think you massively, grossly underestimate and misunderstand the quality of fighters we're talking about here. Put aside your interest and love for Lewis for a second and think about him objectively. For example, do you honestly in your heart of hearts think Lennox Lewis could beat Joe Louis SEVENTY PERCENT of the time?! Seriously? That's not happening on this planet, not even close. You think Joe Frazier wouldn't even beat Lewis A SINGLE TIME?! Not even ONE TIME? C'mon. Be real. I'll give you another example: I don't like Jack Dempsey. I was never a fan of his or his fights, but you have to recognize what a nasty fighter he was. If you even have a suspect chin -- and Lewis's chin is more than suspect -- you have to give even just a couple of fights to one of the great all-time punchers.

I can appreciate fandom, but there's no reason I should abide such a silly overestimation of a very, very good heavyweight. You simply can't say he'd win "all" or "very nearly all" of Best of Ten matches with most of the people above. In reality, it's much, much closer than that. Those are some ridiculously great fighters. Also, Moore's in there because of his amazing record of knockouts. Anyone who can knock out that many people can certainly knock out a heavyweight with a questionable chin ONE time.

I stand by my comments. Lewis is one of greats of his era. Greatest of All Time? Certainly not. There's quite a line ahead of him.
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