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Default Re: The case for Lennox Lewis being GOAT

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher
Initially I'll look at their legacies

1A. Ali - good pick BUT had problems with certain styles
Who didn't have trouble with certain styles?

1B. Louis - great fighter, poor comp, and fought much smaller men.
How can a fighter who beat eight world champions bee deemed to have fought weak competition?

I also dispute the asertion that Louis fought small fighters. Primo Carnera, Abe Simon and Buddy Baer were clearly superheavyweights.

1C. Dempsey - TERRIBLE COMPETITION. 1 of the worst levels of competition of any great HW champ, he also didnt fight the best fighters of his era
What makes you think that Dempseys competition was terible?

For what it is worth he dominated the largest talent pool of any heavyweight champion.

1D. Johnson - decent comp but all very small men and basically middleweights and light heavyweights. He struggled allot too
Johnson actualy fought a lot of figfhts against larger oponents.

It is just that most of them were not filmed.

2A. Foreman - Only held his title for 3fights and couldn't deal with boxer and movers to save his life. Both an Old Ali and Jimmy Young beat him in his prime and he went life and death with
Is loosing to Ali and Young realy any worse for a legacy than loosing to Ramhan and McCall?

2B. Marciano - took advantage of a weak era and older fighters.
Lewis's best wins were against older fighters eg Holyfield Tyson.

He only had title fights against 5 fighters.
Lewis only had 6.

Getting Kd'ed by old Walcott and old light heavyweight Moore and arguably losing to LaStarza first time takes away from.
These are much lesser blemishes than being knocked out by McCall and Ramhan.

2C. Frazier - fought 2 ATGs 5 times in Ali and Foreman. He lost 4 of those contests.
But he still only lost to all time greats.

He also had a problem with punchers.
No he had problems with Foreman. That is not exactly the same thing.

2D. Liston - fought 1 ATG and lost miserably to Ali twice.
Do you think that Lewis would necisarily have done better against Ali?

2E - Jeffries - limited ability and ducked Jack Johnson
What makes you think that Jeffries had limited ability?

In short your criticisms of the fighters listed are all either unfounded or not particularly damaging.
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