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Default Re: The case for Lennox Lewis being GOAT

Originally Posted by My dinner with Conteh
Do you think Dempsey would be 7 and Lewis 33 if Dempsey was British and Lewis American? No, me neither. Dempsey wouldn't stand a chance with a fighter that heavy and skilled who could punch their weight. As a pound-for-pund puncher he may rate ahead of Lewis, but head-to-head he'd be mashed.
I dont want to burst your bubble, but I don't think the Ring rankings had anything to do with nationality. I understand, however, that many Brits constantly feel the need to defend Lewis, since he's one of the few heavyweights from UK to ever matter, and since only in America could he make the purses he made. Must be a Napoleon complex lol. If Lewis were American, he'd be #33. If Dempsey were from Ivory Coast, he'd be #7. And I don't reduce Lewis because of his nationality. It's only that he's MERELY so good, and that is that.

I also disagree with your relativistic view of pound-for-pound. Stanley Ketchel put Jack Johnson on his ass, not because he was a great pound-for-pound puncher, but because he could put anyone on his ass. You think a guy hovering around 200 pounds (at times above 200) is really significantly less a great puncher -- especially if he's one of history great punchers?

Get a grip. Now, I give your man respect, but you oughtta buck up and think about the history you're dissing with such flippancy. One fact you are totally missing here: Dempsey may have fought poor opponents, but he ALSO fought great opponents, and he is know for having fought a huge range of talent. You're missing the other end of the spectrum, bud.
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