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Default Re: When you started boxing..

Originally Posted by RightHooker View Post
Thats the way to do it though!

I started out the same way as mlg321. A year and a half and 12 fights later, my footwork is still ****.

I beleive my footwork is better than my hand work to be honest with you, My trainer was old school, he took a used tire had you put your lead foot in it and basicly it taught you have to piviot either dirrection, also small steps in a circle left or right.

Then you would do rounds with both feet on the tire, in your stance, and you were supposed to shadow box like that, the idea was so that you learned how to keep balanced, and keep your knees bent...

alot of old school **** from our old gym back in the day and they just dont teach that way now and days.....
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