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Default Re: When you started boxing..

First 9 months of training, my coach taught me nothing but to jab. That's it! How to stand throwing it. How to snap it. The footwork involved. Getting back to guard. Jab, jab, jab. Anything else I did I had to do when he wasn't looking or on my own. Even in sparring when I'd put combos together, he'd stop me and get all ****ed off, "What the hell you doing? Did I say you can do that? jab gotdammit!"

So at 13 yrs old I had my first martch, and what did I know, nothing, but to jab. Fighting a guy 2 years older, with lbs on me. Scared ****less. Well, I almost jabbed that poor fuker to death! hahah. Was allll I knew! But damn did I throw it right, and throw it a lot. He smiled at me after an said, "Okay, now you ready to learn how to box."

Funny thing is, since learning all this other stuff last few years, my jab has seemed to have completely gone by the wayside. Almost nearly forgot everything he taught me about it, and it was all gold.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is, learning the basic jab is important. Not just for it's effectiveness, but also getting used of using that hand for all the other things it will eventually do. As well, I think it is important in boxing to always go back and relearn those basics, as we can so easily forget them. If anythng, my jab now is prob. my weakest element.

I could propbabely use a back to the drawing board, "What the hell you doin, jab gotdammit!"
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