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Default Re: The case for Lennox Lewis being GOAT

Originally Posted by roxyboxy
He was the most feared non-titleholder of all time with all of the attributes of a Lewis-killer!!! COME ON!

I didnt say to give him the odds. I want to know your honest assessment: in ten bouts, how many do you give to whom?
I think that if any two guys met 10 times, the underdog would always have a chance of winning at least 1, but that's about all the benefit of the doubt that I'm willing to give Shavers against Lewis.

By the way, it takes more than just a powerful right hand to beat Lewis. Oliver Mccall had some decent boxing skills as well as one of the greatest chins of all time, yet it still took him 5 rounds to beat Lewis, and that was a controversial stoppage. I don't think Shavers has the chin or the right set of skills to last long enough against Lewis to make his own opportunities.
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