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Default Re: Just got killed in sparring, have my first fight Sunday

Originally Posted by Celtic Warrior View Post
Two or three mate, but mostly the guy I mentioned with 7 fights. However, I am much more worried about the infrequency of sparring at my gym, sometimes we can go a month without actually sparring. I try to compensate for this by doing loads of pad work but it's nothing like the real thing. The spar I had on thursday was a "wake up call," Part of me is saying take the fight, anybody with the will to be a fighter would, however I must be smart and accept the fact that I don't have the rounds of sparring under my belt yet to step into the ring proper.

Thanks everyone for the comments!
i can understand why you'd be worried about your lack of sparring.going a month without spariing will **** your timing up.we trained 4 times a week and sparred every time as far as can remember.
sunday mornings were all sparring,so we coulndn't **** about the night before !!
is there a reason your trainer doesn't have you sparring more ??
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