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Default Re: Just got killed in sparring, have my first fight Sunday

I've started boxing about six months ago and I absolutely love the sport. My trainers are a few old guys who give me the impression they are there just to get away from their wives lol. Feedback is limited, I have learnt more about the sport through this forum than I have from them. On the flip side, I know they don't really get any financial reward for the time they spend at the gym. As for the lack of sparring I really don't understand why? It's not just myself, there can really be periods of up to a month when nobody at the gym is sparring!

I don't have much faith in my trainers, however I'm moving to South Korea next month to teach english for a year or two. My first priority when I get of the plane is to find a good boxing gym, I'm determined to do as well as I possibly can, as boxing is now more than a sport to me , it is a passion!
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