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Default Fist Position When Throwing A Hook

I've recently just started trainin at a new gym with new trainers as i've moved away from where i trained before. And i've noticed the new trainer wants me to throw hooks completely different to the way i was shown at my other gym.

without goin into to much detail about it all basically when i was first taught how to hook i was told to keep my elbow below my my first and roll my fist over so that it lands in the same way a jab or straight punch would (like if i opened my hand my palm would be parrallel to the floor)

The new trainer has been tellin me i need to raise my elbow so its closer to being inline with my fist and tells me to rotate my fist to its lands with my pinky finger closet to the floor (so if i opened my hand my palm would be perpendicular to the floor)

Maybe its just coz its something new to me but i feel as though the punch flows better when i hook using the technique shown to me by my first trainers and i dont want to competely change so I've been still tryin to work on it when im workin alone on the bags and stuff as well as learn the new technique.

Just wondering what your opinions on fist position when hooking?? Should the fist be perpendicular to floor or parralle? elbow in line or below the hook?? why?? etc etc
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