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Default Re: How do I Illegally Wrap my Hands?

Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
how bout u GTFO.

Hope that helps.
come on bro...I'm not trying to go into ANY competitions. I'm hungry for knowledge....that's all

Originally Posted by Mazallan View Post
Cover your face in **** then die.
come on brah...we don't need such hate.

Originally Posted by Johnboy2007 View Post
I dont get it? Do you have mental issues?

Originally Posted by jeff thomas View Post
Put your wraps on then **** on them.
again...come on brah. Stop trying to "keep it real" and start giving me credible feedback.

Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
you could always "420~vape all day" like ur under title suggests, then come up with more really cool questions once u put down the potato chip bag.
damn man...If these were 'ideas' then I would have asked what gloves I should be buying or I would post up a video of me hitting the heavy bag then getting all of you 'critique' it afterward.

vape herb all day

Originally Posted by Bazooka View Post
FINALLY...thank you for the real answer. dont worry...all my fights will be against backyard scrubs like myself. Nothing major, all in the name of the fight.

Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
thats cool Bazooka. Teaching people how to illegally hurt other fighters.
come on bro...I wouldn't just illegally wrap my hands against any ol joe schmoe'...that's unfair. Naw, I have bigger fish to fry.

any more techniques?
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