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Default Re: Debate about my left hand..

Originally Posted by paloalto00 View Post
You picked up a bad habit, your hands don't have to be planted on your cheek/chin, but you need to keep them up.
I know I'm no Floyd Mayweather, but don't a lot of good pros keep that left low? Regardless when I hit the bag tomorrow I'm gonna focus on getting it back to the chin, it's what I tell anyone who ask me for boxing advice to do. I also tell them that in time they will find their own style, but for now to learn the traditional manner.

I'm a bit afraid that I will start dropping it to my chest to throw it, which will telegraph it and get me hit. If I do change it up it's gonna take a lot of work. Luckily I have some good fighters to train with, and some not so good fighters to slug it out with in those club fights. I never know who I'm fighting in that club though until fight-night, and I never know their background. Any day a real pro may step in and step up.
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