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Default Re: The Murderers Row - Explain their style

Do we have 1 or 2 fights of Burleys? You can only honestly assess what you've seen. We have none of the rest. From what I've seen Burley was a great judge of distance, rolled his weight from 1 foot to another to set traps or make feints and lean back and counter, his footwork I find similar to Floyd Mayweathers, very much a radar type fighter looking to slip shots, a side on boxer that likes to slip back and counter his right over the jab, great use of angles, also seems to potshot allot. Similar to FMJ except Burley actually knows how to throw a proper punch, this could be partly because hes a smaller man fighting a LHW too.

Archie Moore was a Burley fan and he based his style on Burley's a bit imo using some of his moves.
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