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Default Re: The Murderers Row - Explain their style

Originally Posted by Sweet Pea View Post
It was your description of his styles that tickled me, not your stance on his evolution as a fighter.
just say stuff how i see it

Originally Posted by St_Boxing_J12 View Post
How come oakland billy smith never gets a mention he beat harold johnson, jack chase, lloyd marshall and got a draw with archie moore, he never got a title shot, does he even get a mention in the book your reading gp pater?
because theres some footage of Billy Smith available

also he does get a mention as the book is about the scene as a hole really and it charts alot of the Murderers row with Smith getting a mention.

Originally Posted by Bokaj View Post
It seems many of the "murderer's row" had quite unorthodox styles. Burley, Moore - Marshall if he was similar to Moore - and also Walcott, who could be said to have spent a large part of his career on "murderer's row" before he got his shot. Like Moore did.

That could well be because they probably wasn't that well managed and trained in their formative years, and therefore in large part adopted very personal styles. But some of their moves seems to have been incorporated in the text book to a degree later on. For example Moore's upper body movement and cross armed guard.

Were these guys the first slick, unorthodox technicians, perhaps? How important have they've been for the evolution of boxing? Who are their heirs today? Toney, Hopkins?
interesting that

They was mentioning how like Williams despite being unorthodox still had some of the Detriot style in him and Burley still having that Pittsburgh style in him again despite being unorthodox.

In the newspaper articles quoted they are never referred to as being weird stylists or unorthodox but rather as great technicians and all of them were great defensive technicians. Definitly slick as they were all reknowned for there offence aswell.

They cant play too much of a part in the evolution of boxing as there is not alot of films of them so people cant watch them to see what they did different etc.. which is a shame its probably why people like Fitzsimmons despite being an unorthodox style it never caught on as people didnt have the chance to see it.

Originally Posted by TheGreatA View Post
Hopkins and Toney both name Ezzard Charles, Archie Moore, Jersey Joe Walcott as inspirations so I guess they could be considered the "heirs" of these fighters.

Charley Burley's former sparring parner A.J. Nelson said Roy Jones reminded him of Burley.
Interesting about Hop and Toney as they are old school fighters. Not completly dissimilar to the murderers row either.

also interesting about the Jones Jr comparison.

Originally Posted by My2Sense View Post
That's who I would compare him to.

Maybe Marshall could be compared to Wilfredo Gomez?
high praise indeed.
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