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Hate to flog a dead horse here but had an update on the progress.

Officially made my time as of 10 minutes ago. Absolutely stoked about this. Like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Ofcourse this time isnt impressive for a well tuned athlete but tonight made 19.24 on the 3 mile. Scary thing is it felt challanging but not exhausting.... by that I mean I could of ran even a bit harder. And I beat my last recorded time by a good minute and half.

I'm not sure whats up with that but im putting it down to Sprint sessions (makes a bit differance) the right combo of fluids and food in stomach aswell as the practise on breathing technique and running technique on the course and ideal weather conditions.

Also feeling like it's good ability to run, more a lack of experience that causes some bad results from time to time. Anyway, all I can say is sometimes it feels great to break little goals like these.

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