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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Like I said - you can 'Duran this' and 'Napoles that' when talking head-to-head - but nobody can deny Leonard's record.

Even if you think Beau Jack was better than Lew Tendler in a direct comparison, they were still as good as each other within their own periods of time.

So regardless of how you subjectively rate them in an objective sense (how good they actually were compared to all other boxers), to beat Soldier Bartfield back then was just as monumental a challenge as beating Ray Lampkin in Duran's day. Perhaps more so.


Oh, and Turpin - it's absurd for you not to rate Leonard in the top ten, but then rate Canzoneri instead. Do you really think that in six or seven years the boxing methods in the lightweight division changed that drastically? That must be the reason, because Leonard dominated a terror division.

If you're not going to include him, at least have some consistency.
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