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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
Of course. You could argue Duran over Leonard on a pound-for-pound list, I mean, there is perhaps no greater win than that of 1980, for any fighter, ever. Despite that, I really don't think there is a debate on who was the greater lightweight unless you factor in actual fighting ability (which would be fair enough, it's not exactly an irrelevant facet of the game). About the only thing you could argue is how far behind Duran is.
I've been hiding my eyes from looking at it plainly... for years. Partly because Duran is a rare breed -he scores high on dominance and he collected bigger scalps; That makes it almost insulting to put any natural LW ahead of the man in his natural division. I think if someone asks, I'll just plead the 5th.

Originally Posted by Manassa View Post
I still rate Leonard above Duran - that's Benny, not Ray (REPEAT: NOT RAY) - on a pound-for-pound list as well because I genuinely believe he belongs there. #4 infact, just ahead of Sam Langford, while Duran is #7.
Anyone who ranks Ray ahead of Roberto, has a limping reputation in the eyes of purists -however self-appointed we may be.

What is your criteria? I've developed one and it doesn't allow Benny to come within 4 paces of Duran, though he does make the top ten.
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