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Originally Posted by Youngblood View Post
thats just it. I've been hit in the face so many times it would be a rediculous number to even try to count with all the sparring I do every week. Last summer my nose was even moving sideways a bit, so at night I'd push it back while laying in bed until it got straightened up again lol

Bot I haven't once had a nose bleed. Not once. It's just an unfortunate, annoying thing some people get. Jack, I know of a couple of people who have had it done. One guy it worked for perfectly, hasn't bled since. The other, it helped, but not as well. Not sure how much that helps, but that's all I got.
Yeah thats what ive heard Youngblood, thing is im moving away for 6 months in February and who knows when il be able to fight again, such a pain in the *****.
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