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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by redrooster View Post
I been saying the same thing for a long time. When it comes to stiff competition, there is none more demanding than leonard's. Duran's comp at the same weight was just average. IMO, Benny would have outboxed Duran no doubt about it
There's plenty of doubt about it.

Duran was extraordinarily difficult for any man his size to beat. DeJesus caught him when he was about 22 but it was avenged -decisively- twice. Duran's skill is greater than any LW Leonard ever faced and comes damn close to matching Leonard's himself. His ferocity was twice that of Tendler.

He is simply more formidable than anything Benny faced including McLarnin. And despite Benny the Brain's reputation as a ring-intellectual, Duran was no dummy in there. Someone said that Mayweather would beat Duran because of the old "brains over brawn" thesis. Duran's level of skill matches his level of brutality. He is "brainy-brawn". And it is awfully tough to beat that.

--That's why Duran was kicking the hell out of much larger prey.

Even when he was no longer the stronger guy, the more powerful guy, the faster guy, the more athletic guy --he could whip them anyway just because of his brains. Leonard cannot match him there... not even close. Now, 1978 Duran facing Benny, who he was stronger than, hit harder than, and was two inches taller than, is going to easily get outboxed?
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