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Default Re: Benny Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time - by a long way

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
Duran and Napoles would KO him sooner or later at their best. Mayweather/Whitaker would outbox him, Whitaker more comprehensively. Times have changed from Benny's era and while great for his time boxing has moved in. Having said that Mayweather and Leonard have stylistic similarities but FMJ has a bigger box of tricks and athletic ability
Times have indeed changed, my friend. But the level of Benny's skill has not been topped by anyone I've ever seen. And his level of skill has not been topped by anyone you've ever seen either, despite your protestations to the contrary. Benny Leonard, like Joe Gans, is an exception to the argument that fighters before 1920 were something less.

...If "Ghetto Wizardry" or "Bennyology" were a college class, I'd encourage to study more.
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