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Default Re: What was so bad with Dempsey vs Gibbons?

Originally Posted by Homicidal Hank
You're not fooling people, dmt. I have seen film of Gibbons. Hagler would beat him at 175 lbs. Hagler was faster, stronger, better, and more durable.

How much film is here though,its also mostly old and from ****ty fixed positions,hardly fair to use that to judge the man,id say the fight would be close as hell,i think your just a hater on the old guys from the past,no one can prove **** either way,but you keep going on about the old guys getting destroyed by anyone from the 70s or on,and i think thats pathetic.To knock a guy whos had 100 pro fights in a seriously hard era of history is weird mate,he was not a ****ing novice or a fool,grow up for gods sake,the guy was tough as hell.
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