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Default I can't translate my heavybag, mitt, and double end bag work into sparring

I can't translate my heavybag, mitt, and double end bag work into sparring. It's frustrating me, I've only been boxing 5 weeks, but in sparring I'm so nervous and jittery, and I can't focus or concentrate, and if I see punches coming I close my eyes and I get afraid to throw punches. I've been working hard in training, coming to the gym on a regular basis, and I do well on the heavybag, I have a good jab and right hand and can throw combinations, I'm slipping punches and throwing them on the double end bag, but I just can't read punches coming and I forget everything I learned in sparring.
I don't know what to do about it because I really want my hard work to translate, I took a lot of shots in 4 rounds of sparring tonight but still, I just don't have the nerves for boxing yet, I can't remain calm, and I already know I can take a shot.
I just want to get good at boxing and I work hard for it and it's just not translating over. What do I need to do?
And due to my lack of performing in sparring I don't think I'll be fighting in November 21, which may not be a bad thing.
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