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Default Re: Czech heavy weight Ondrej Pala

Originally Posted by Odo View Post
Bowe and Mercer would be no matches for Pala,but both Americans still have very recognisable names.
I disagree with stalker. Pala will move up in the ranks anyway with a powerful promoter behind his back.
At this point of time Bakhtov plays in a totally different dimension than the abovementioned two old geezers,but.........who outside us circle of hardcore fans has ever heard of him.
No one in the states says: Hey,Pala,isnt he the guy who beat Mazikin,or Aurich?
Nigerian heavy weight Olokoun has enhanced his name recognition tremendously by beating Lamon Brewster.
Admittingly,Brewster is still a far better fighter than Bowe and Mercer at this stage of their careers.
Nevertheless,fighting someone like Bowe stands for high reward,and little risk whereas Bakhtov stands for high risk,little reward.

I for my part tend to think that Bowe and Mercer,as shot as they are,are still very known names over there in the states.

A powerful promoter and good matchmaking are the alpha and omega of this business.Ray Austin will meet Maskaev in an eliminator.
Damn! Austin who hasnt done **** to deserve an eliminator fight.I am absolutely positive that Pala can beat him.
I agree on all counts, I was just having some fun at Bowe's expense.

Pala seems to have a folk hero type rep due to the tough losses, I hope he can build on that. Mercer will fight anyone and that is a very makable fight.
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