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Default Anything wrong with being a brawler?

Well, I've been boxing/ weight lifting for quite a few years. I'm a naturally small person, but lifting for about 6 years now...I'm not small now.
When I used to box I would use my speed, get away, etc (I wouldn't like to trade, or get hit much). I was about 5'6 145 at the time and pretty muscular. I decided if I wanted to box I'd have to work my neck like crazy, as well as my legs/ core.
Right now I'm 5'6 170 (still at a good body fat percentage), and amazed how well my punch resistance is. I stretch a lot, and shadow box so I kept most of my speed/ flexibility while gaining the weight slowly.
Here's my thing though...I used to try to be a Mayweather (run around, pop shot, don't get in exchanges), and I have good skills at doing that. NOW though, I have about the style of Ricky hatton/ older Mike Tyson. I like to grab, wrestle, punch in the clinch. I have pretty good head movement and work on it a fair amount, but when it comes to fighting I never use it much.
I just stick up my guard, will take some punches to the gloves/ elbows, and muscle my way in while they try to keep me back. Once I get inside then beat them mainly with hooks, few uppercuts if I see an opening, I'll throw some straights (mainly to get there guards up so I can fire some hooks around the guard). Of course doing this...Against ALL taller guys I take some punches, but I do not mind taking them anymore, and rarely feel much (usually no head gear either, and them outweighing me)
Should I take more time, and use my skills, or if this works just stick to it? I just like to brawl, but I know taking punches isn't a good thing for the old brain.....
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